Stick and Puck

​Effective December 20, 2019:


  • FULL equipment REQUIRED

  • NO private lessons to be conducted during “Stick-N-Puck” times. Private lessons will be conducted by guest coaches and can ONLY be done during designated “Hockey Lessons” time slots (see below).

  • Goalies are free of charge

Stick N Puck times are subject to change without notice.

This is open (shared) ice –  great for beginners &  practicing.
$15 per person.
Goalies are not guaranteed but needed!
All ages are welcome!

Hockey Lessons

  •  Private Lessons can only be conducted during the “Hockey Lessons” time slot which will be offered on the Studio Ice

  • Coaches found conducting lessons during “Stick-N-Puck” or any other public time slot will be asked to leave the facility with NO refund

  • “Hockey Lessons” time will be in two (2) hour increments, offered in the early morning and afternoon

  • Coaches will have to share the ice with other coaches

  • Coaches will e charged a $30 entrance fee per session

  • Students will b charged a $20 entrance fee per session

  • All coaches MUST have USA Hockey Insurance

  • All coaches MUST have Safesport

  • Helmets are MANDATORY