Self-Registration Instructions

We have added the ability for you to self-register with our system (EZFacility), select certain programs or services, and pay for them online! Below are detailed instructions on how to do this.

Open this link to the EZFacility registration page (it will open a secure link in a new tab).

Once registered, you can login with your credentials, select programs or services, make payments, and see invoices!

How to Register
  • Once you get to the initial login screen, click on the REGISTRATION button (after you register, this initial screen will be the login screen for your account).

  • On the registration screen, fill in the information requested. Click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox and click REGISTER.

  • You will be brought back to the login screen with a message to check the email you just registered with to complete the registration.

  • Check your email for a conformation link. Click the link and enter the requested information.

  • When finished, it will take you back to the login screen. Enter your login information and you will see the home screen for your account.

  • This page allows you to check your invoices (both open and closed), register for programs or purchase available products or services.
  • Go to REGISTRATIONS to select and pay for available programs.
  • Go to BUY to purchase any products or services that are available in the system (we will be adding more as time goes on!).